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See why Dolce Clock is the new paradigm for running your business

Dolce Clock has the capacity to make your business life better, and to empower you to save money and make money. And not just by degrees. It is our purpose to create software that returns to you a benefit at least ten-fold it's cost.

And- expect more. We intend to continue to push the boundaries of real-world solutions.

Smarter shift scheduling that can save your business

In service-oriented locations like restaurants, caffes and retail stores, staffing and scheduling decisions can make a or break the bottom line. Dolce Clock™ is built for store owners who want to make confident, data-driven schedules.

  • Designed for owners, by owners
  • Supports multiple locations and managers
  • Staff-friendly time clock and shift trading

Features & Pricing


Scheduling, Clock-In, Projection, and Financial Analysis belong not only in the same program, they belong on the same screen.
Secure Multi Factor Authentication for any user


  • 1 - 10 employees: $30.00 per month.
  • Additional employees: $2.50 per month.
  • Over 100 employees: Contact us.

About Dolce Clock

Peter Lambros

Dolce clock was inspired by a business which for a decade plus, found a cobble of spreadsheets superior to existing solutions for scheduling and clock-in. Even as feature rich products appeared on the market in abundance, they have continued to lack efficiency of use and productive results needed by our business. In combination with a seasoned team of programmers, Dolce Clock was built by a business that uses it.

We no longer use spreadsheets.

Glenn Kreisel

I have been developing software for 33 years at Microsoft, Electronic Arts and many of my own successful multi-million dollar startups. After spending many meals at Caffe Dolce working on various startups, I befriended Peter and quickly Dolce Clock was born. With my programming and tech company experience and Peter's businesss and technology knowledge we were able to create the best scheduling software on the market.

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